Atlantis Corp (International)

We offer a comprehensive range of skills and expertise encompassing all facets of environmental stormwater management and purification. With technology, developments such as drainage cells, infiltration tanks, purification units and bioremediation soils across a network of offices in Australia, Europe and Asia, Atlantis has emerged as a leader in environmental site development and stormwater management.
We understand the importance of an holistic approach to environmental engineering, landscape architecture and developing, making us unique in the field of stormwater management and innovative urban development. Our team of environmental engineers, landscape architects and biologist has over 70 years collective experience in the field.
The Atlantis Ecological Systems are designed for almost all water management situations. From roof gardens and retaining walls to roadways and railways, from underground water tanks and leachate drains to playing fields and golf courses.
Water can be retained and re-used in many landscape situations thus preserving water storage capacity in our dams.
No longer are pipe solutions the answer to water management. Now on-site containment, treatment and re-use options, such as the Atlantis Ecological Systems, are the answer to our water pollution problems.
Atlantis’s objectives include design and supply of environmentally sound stromwater management and filtration systems to enhanced water quality and minimizes discharge.
We aim to develop mutually rewarding partnerships with our clients, offering solutions, which are both environmentally sound and cost effective.

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